Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund for ADHD/ LD Assessment

Sandstone Psychological Practice provides psychoeducational assessments for students who are suspected of having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/ or a Learning Disability (LD). ADHD and LD involve pervasive symptoms that can lead to difficulties in many areas of life including academics, relationships, job performance, and self esteem.

It is recommended that individuals with suspected ADHD/ LD get a thorough psychological assessment to ensure proper diagnosis. Such an assessment requires an investment in time, energy, and finances. On average, testing takes about 8 hours and costs about $1500. Once a diagnosis has been made, appropriate treatment (e.g., medication, behavioral interventions) and educational accommodations can then be provided.

Most colleges and universities actually require students to be assessed prior to providing academic accommodations that can help create equal learning opportunities for students with ADHD/ LD. Unfortunately, many students cannot afford the high cost of testing and insurance oftentimes does not cover it.

Testing is expensive and we know that there are many students who cannot afford to get tested despite the high need to do so. This is why Sandstone has begun the Scholarship Fund for ADHD/ LD Assessment to specifically be used in such circumstances. Please consider donating to this scholarship! All of your donation will go to helping a student receive testing who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from such services, have them contact us via phone or email. Should you like to ask us any questions or make specific requests regarding your donation, please contact us directly at 702-405-0904 or email us at *Unless you wish to remain anonymous, each donor will be named on our acknowledgments page.*


Please donate now to help students with low income receive free or subsidized psychoeducational assessments.