Sandstone Psychological Practice has been made possible due to the support and contributions of many people and this page acknowledges those who have played a part in building Sandstone. It is our vision to have Sandstone be an important part of the Henderson/ Las Vegas community and we want to highlight the role of community members in shaping it along with Sandstone psychologists.  Contributions to Sandstone have come in all shapes and sizes, including donations, physical labor, technical support, website photography, clinical consultation, emotional support, and so on. We will continue to add to this list. Thank you to those who have already provided support!

Catherine Aranda

Dr. Violeta Chavez

Christopher Elliott

Greg Elliott

Dr. Lesley Graves

Timothy Straw

Nina Hidalgo

Grant Straw

Larry Mihelic

Dr. Rosemarie Downey-McCarthy

Lawrence Mihelic

Dr. Vicky Genia

Dr. Jeremy Gallas


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