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Test Anxiety Course

Tackling Test Anxiety: A Guided Online Course
About the Course

Created by Sandstone Psychologists, this self-paced and comprehensive online course is a resource created to help test-takers high school age or older overcome test anxiety. With this course, test-takers can showcase their true potential and approach tests with confidence and focus.

Available at for $39.99, test-takers will learn to work with their thoughts, emotions, and bodies as they reduce anxiety and prepare for tests. This class is filled with:

  • information about test anxiety
  • self-exploration exercises
  • visualizations
  • guided relaxations
  • self-care strategies
  • interactive worksheets
  • time-management skills
  • study strategies
  • concrete tips for before/ during/ and after the test.
What is Test Anxiety?

It is perfectly natural to experience some anxiety when thinking about taking a test or when about to take a test. A certain level of anxiety can actually help students perform well on a test. However, for some students, the anxiety can be so intense, it can interfere with the ability to reflect true abilities on the test.

Symptoms of severe test anxiety include: blanking out, freezing up, racing thoughts, nausea, headache, dizziness, racing heart, difficulty breathing, fear, a sense of failure or wanting to “give up” before even taking the test, and feeling read to cry. Severe test anxiety can result in performing poorly on the test, which can lower a student’s self esteem and reinforce the test anxiety.

The good news is that test anxiety is highly treatable! Research shows that the most effective treatment for dealing with test anxiety is to address academic concerns (e.g., study skills, exploring underlying issues to academic problems) and dealing with emotional concerns (i.e., anxiety). Tackling Test Anxiety: A Guided Online Course can help!

Consultation Services

Workshops for Teachers: “Understanding Your Students’ Test Anxiety”

Sandstone offers workshops for school educators and counselors upon request on how to help their students reduce the anxiety associated with exams. We provide consultation on how to talk about tests, how to practice relaxation techniques with students, and how to support students as they prepare for exams.

Workshops for Students: “Tackling Test Anxiety”

Sandstone is passionate about primary intervention methods and addressing test anxiety directly in schools for children and adolescents. Teaching anxiety management early on in a student’s life allows students to practice techniques that can lead to greater academic success and prevent the development of more severe test anxiety later on in life. If your school or agency can benefit from workshops for your students, please contact us. We can help students approach state-wide and national exams with more confidence and with skills to reduce anxiety that can impact their test scores.