Sandstone Psychological Practice

ADHD/ LD Assessments

ADHD/ Learning Disability (LD) Assessments


What does a psychological evaluation/ assessment at Sandstone include?

Sandstone provides thorough, high-quality ADHD/ LD evaluations that include the following:

  • Clinical Interview (1.5 hours)
  • Intelligence Test (1.5 hours)
  • Achievement/ Academic Test (1.5 hours)
  • Memory/ Working Memory Test (1.5 hours)
  • Personality Test (1 hour)
  • Attention Test (1 hour)
  • Feedback Meeting to Review Results (1 hour)

Testing is a total of about 8 hours and is completed over the course of 2-3 appointments. A comprehensive report is provided and includes diagnosis(es), recommendations, and accommodations.

We understand that testing can be anxiety provoking and emotional, and we do our best to create a safe, friendly, and supportive atmosphere throughout the entire process.


What is the price for ADHD/ LD testing?

Out of Pocket Fees

  • Non-Students = $2,000
  • College/Graduate Students = $1,750

Accepted Insurances (w/ Pre-authorizations)

  • Aetna PPO (Out of Network)
  • Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Health Care Solutions (Medicaid)
  • Cigna (Dr. Aranda Only)
  • Fee for Service Medicaid
  • Medicare 
  • Out of Network w/ Pre-Authorization
  • Tricare (Out of Network)
  • United Health Care/ Optum Solutions (Dr. Mihelic Only)

What’s the benefit of getting a psychological evaluation versus getting diagnosed by my medical provider? 

ADHD can be diagnosed by medical providers and mental health professionals. Medical providers like your primary care physician or pediatrician may determine an ADHD diagnosis by assessing a checklist of the observed and reported symptoms. While fast and affordable, this method has drawbacks in that a chance for misdiagnosis is high and it can be difficult to get accommodations in a school or work setting with this method of diagnosis. It can also be difficult to get medication if you change medical providers.

A thorough psychological assessment, like what is provided at Sandstone, is another approach to diagnosis that involves a myriad of tests that help give a clear picture of your areas of weakness and strengths. Comprehensive evaluations help confirm an accurate ADHD diagnosis and rule out other conditions that could be causing symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or another learning disability. It is strongly recommended that individuals with suspected ADHD/ LD get a thorough psychological assessment to identify the true cause of their academic, attention, and focus problems.

Getting thoroughly tested for ADHD/ LD is very important for students who may require medication or academic accommodations to assist them with their difficulties and create equal learning opportunities. Most colleges and universities request psychological testing that shows evidence of the presence of ADHD/LD before providing academic accommodations or prescribing medication through a student health center. The comprehensive psychological assessments provided at Sandstone are compliant with what is required for most academic agencies.


What kind of accommodations are common with an ADHD/ LD diagnosis?

Typical accommodations can include:

  • Extra time on tests
  • Assistance with note-taking
  • Taking tests in a reduced-distraction area
  • Additional time on assignments

What is the treatment for ADHD/ LD?

ADHD/ LD can be well-managed through behavioral interventions and/ or medication. Individual or group counseling can help teach strategies for managing symptoms. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who have experienced relationship, work, or academic problems due to their ADHD/LD symptoms.

We do not prescribe medication at Sandstone, but a psychiatrist and/or primary care physician can help meet your medication needs.