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Our Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Clinic provides the following services: images-14.jpeg

  • ADHD Evaluations and Diagnosis (Beginning November 2014)
  • Individual Counseling for Managing ADHD
  • Group Counseling
    • Managing ADHD Group (8 week group, $40 per session)
    • Understanding ADHD (2 week workshop, $75 per session)
  • Medication Referrals
 ADHD Evaluations and Diagnosis

ADHD can be diagnosed by various medical and mental health professionals. However, it is recommended that individuals with suspected ADHD get a thorough psychological assessment to ensure that ADHD is the cause of their attention problems. Appropriate treatment can then be provided.

Beginning November 2014, Sandstone will provide high-quality ADHD evaluations that include: a clinical interview, intelligence testing, achievement/academic testing, memory/ working memory tests, and assessment for additional learning problems (i.e., learning disabilities). We will also assess for mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression, that may be causing attention problems. An ADHD in-person evaluation typically takes about 5 hours and is usually completed in 1-2 sessions. Additional testing may be necessary. Feel free to contact us now to schedule testing for ADHD beginning November 2014.

Getting thoroughly tested for ADHD is very important for students in college who suspect that they have ADHD and may want some academic accommodations to assist them with their difficulties and create equal learning opportunities. Most colleges and universities request psychological testing that shows evidence of the presence of ADHD before providing academic accommodations. Typical accommodations can include:

  • Extra time on tests
  • Assistance with note-taking
  • Taking tests in a reduced-distraction area

Also, many colleges and universities require a comprehensive psychological assessment of ADHD prior to prescribing medication that reduces the symptoms of ADHD. The comprehensive psychological assessments provided at Sandstone are compliant with what is required for most academic agencies.

Individual Counseling

While ADHD cannot be cured, it can be well-managed through behavioral interventions and medication. Sandstone provides individual counseling that can help someone with ADHD reduce symptoms and learn strategies for improving attention and focus. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who have experienced relationship, work, or academic problems due to their ADHD symptoms. For example, there are many tips and suggestions for ways people with ADHD can study to maximize their attention and concentration. Counseling can also assist someone in understanding ADHD and processing how it is impacting their life (e.g., relationships, self esteem, and work/ academic performance). Lastly, many people with ADHD may also have other mental health issues (e.g., depression or anxiety). Counseling can address these concerns as well.

Group Counseling for Adults and Teenagers

It can be frightening and lonely to be diagnosed with ADHD, especially given the controversy and misconceptions in the general public about this disorder. The group counseling setting is aimed at providing concrete skills and suggestions on managing ADHD symptoms, as well as a supportive environment for people with ADHD to meet and discuss their experiences.

Sandstone currently offers two groups:

1) The Managing ADHD Group is 8 weeks in duration and is for people with ADHD-related challenges. It is designed to foster academic and personal success and teach strategies for reducing ADHD symptoms ($40 per session).

2) The Understanding ADHD Workshop is 2 weeks in duration and is for people recently diagnosed with ADHD (or who want more information). It is designed to increase understanding about ADHD and reduce ADHD symptoms ($75 per session).

*Please see our Group Counseling schedule for current groups/times. 

Medication Referrals

Medication has been shown to be effective for treating ADHD symptoms. We provide referrals to psychiatrists who can prescribe medication for ADHD.