Sandstone Psychological Practice

Sandstone Symbolism

Symbolism of “Sandstone”


We chose the name Sandstone for our practice for several reasons. Not only is it the Nevada State Rock that provides some of Nevada’s most breathtaking scenery, but we also view sandstone as a metaphor for the human experience.

Sandstone is created from tiny grains of sand and minerals that, when joined together, make a strong, unique, and evolving structure. Sandstone reminds us that something substantial and powerful can come from the tiniest of grains. People are similar to sandstone in that every experience and interaction with the world leaves an impact, molding and shaping us. Just like with sandstone, no two people are exactly alike.  

Ultimately, sandstone represents a summation of a person’s life experiences. Our contexts can help make us strong, like a grand sandstone landscape, but life can also at times feel like an eroding force that wears us down. Like sandstone, humans can be both strong and very fragile.

Unlike sandstone, we can choose to change or improve ourselves to match our personal visions. For some, this could mean taking steps to lead a healthier lifestyle or trying different ways of communicating with others. For others, it may mean trying counseling for the first time. Sandstone was created to help people become the strongest, healthiest, and happiest versions of themselves. We hope that Sandstone serves as a reminder that the smallest changes can soon add up to help shape you into the person you want to be – one grain of sand at a time.